Based in the scenic village of Ruyton XI Towns, Rustic Bloom is a brand new partnership florist business, offering a wide range of floral options to their customers.

Nicky is a fully trained florist, who graduated from Pershore College of Horticulture back in 1997. It was at this college, where Nicky met her now husband and business partner John, who was studying Hardy Nursery Stock Production.

John has lived in and around Ruyton all of his life and Nicky moved to the area from Pershore in 2001.

Nicky has always kept her hand in floristry over the years, even when she left it as a full-time profession and turned to care work while she raised their two children. Whether it was helping a panicked husband put together a last-minute bouquet for his wife on an anniversary, or taking on large weddings for friends.

Their new venture is to offer a bespoke floral service to their customers, offering beautiful arrangements over a wide range of order sizes and budgets, including: weddings, funerals, corporate events, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, birthdays and any other events.

Whilst Nicky will be doing all of the floristry, John’s part in the business is to deal with all of the admin and advertising, so allowing Nicky to fully concentrate on her customers and start getting creative. John will also be on hand when there is a large wedding or other event on, to cast an eye over things and help with the delivery and installation of certain arrangements.

Rustic Bloom is run from the family home in Ruyton and Nicky is more than willing to meet customers to discuss their requirements, either in her home, or travel out locally to see them.

An initial meeting with a bride would be to get the creative juices flowing and for the customer to let Nicky know what (if anything) they had in mind and for Nicky to give her suggestions and advice. This is where you will see Nicky at her most enthusiastic, as the ideas start to take shape.

If the customer wishes to proceed, further meetings can be arranged, a quote for the work agreed and in the case of a wedding, or other large project, a £50 deposit paid.

Our customers can keep in touch via the phone, text, email and on Facebook throughout the process.

Nicky prides herself in the rustic country look with her creations, but is equally able to produce work in a wide range of styles and has successfully decorated weddings with a very modern twist.

With Christmas fast approaching, the Rustic Bloom duo are gearing themselves up for what they hope will be a very busy period. If you check out their Facebook page, you will see stunning pictures of the festive displays on offer.

” We are offering simple holly wreaths for the grave, for as little as £5.50, with our door wreaths starting at £25, and we are happy to create, larger, more elaborate wreaths, on request,” said Nicky, “we will also, happily create your festive, table arrangements, garlands and bouquets.”

“The lead up to the big day is always exciting, if not a little hectic for most people and this year, more than any other we should find ourselves fully wrapped up in the Christmas preparations and excitement and will be more than ready to sit back and relax, with a drop of whatever takes our fancy on Christmas and Boxing Day” John added.

Contact Rustic Bloom via email:, via Facebook, search @rusticbloomshropshire, or call/text 07722203584.