Students in Oswestry have been given a greater chance to explore a wide variety of careers and be supported by employers after “phenomenal support” from businesses across the county.

The first Career Card stations have been handed over to The Marches Academy Trust in Oswestry where pupils can get a direct link to people in their desired industry. The initiative has already won the backing of more than 80 employers.

The stations have cards for students to pick up with details of a role, local employers and a scannable QR code to take the pupil to a video on the Career Cards’ website, recorded by that employer, to find out more.

They have been developed by Shrewsbury-based Andy Goff, who boasts decades of worldwide experience in teaching, technology in education and media training in schools.

He said: “We are so pleased to see Career Cards in situ where secondary school pupils can just pick them up and get a direct link to a role in their desired industry straight away.

“It is brilliant that more than 80 employers across Shropshire have already filmed videos to give these teenagers more of an insight into what to expect in the world of work – with many more on the horizon too.

“Career Cards have been a phenomenal success already but now they are much more easily accessible for students thinking about their next steps. We are delighted to see what the next step for us is too.

“I would like to say a huge thank you to business people across Shropshire for their support. We are telling the amazing stories of the businesses and their employee’s success to inspire the next generation.”

Career Cards’ stations have already been sponsored by Furrows, Start Tech and J&PR, which is also the media partner for the project.

Businesses that have already signed up include some in the communications, automotive, construction, creative, manufacturing, healthcare and agricultural industries.

The videos student’s can watch include more information about what that person does, what they like about their job and the different pathways to it, including university, apprenticeships and other avenues.

They were launched as a way for businesses facing the national recruitment crisis to tap into exceptional young talent across Shropshire.

Andy added: “We want to keep the talent here in Shropshire and we will only achieve that by ensuring students understand the opportunities right here on their doorstep in the very early stages of their future career planning.

“It is wonderful to see students picking up Career Cards and taking them home to discuss with their parents.

“Careers Cards is a nationwide project which was born here in Shropshire – every card station will be individual to the particular region it is placed in.”

If you would like to connect and promote your business with the younger generations in schools and their families visit or email Andy Goff on to find out more.

Andrew Goff

Andy Goff and Liam Frances, Strategic Lead Teacher for Careers at Marches School.

Pam Robinson, Careers and Inspiration Officer, and Liam Frances, Strategic Lead Teacher for Careers at Marches School.