Monument Officially Unveiled at the West Mercia Police Headquarters

Created from decommissioned guns and knives taken off of UK streets, the Police Dog Monument created by the British Ironwork Centre was officially unveiled on Friday outside of the West Mercia Police Headquarters in Worcester. It will remain here as a permanent feature to raise awareness over the hard work and sacrifices that police dogs make for their communities. The unique monument is the first of its kind to be created in the Shropshire region, and has been specifically designed to celebrate the lives and incredible service of police dogs all across the country.

Police dogs are immensely self-sacrificing, often going headfirst into precarious and highly dangerous situations for the ultimate protection of their handlers and our community. The reality is that these dogs are trained to protect our well being and often do lose their lives or become seriously injured whilst doing so. It is their duty to protect us, and it is our duty to celebrate and appreciate them for their extremely honourable work – which is why we chose to create this sculpture alongside the West Mercia Police.

Clive Knowles, Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre, said: “We felt that this project was a natural fit for us to support West Mercia Police and to use some of the knives leftover from building the Knife Angel. We are always keen to support West Mercia Police, as they were the first constabulary that helped us with our National Anti-Violence Campaign, ‘Save A Life, Surrender Your Knife’.”

Many officials were present at the statue unveiling, including PD Bacca, a now retired West Mercia Police Dog who was stabbed in 2017, and his retired Handler, PC Mike Davey. Also present was Police & Crime Commissioner, John Campion; Assistant Chief Constable, Martin Evans; and Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner, Tracey Onslow. The unveiling proved to be a fantastic opportunity for notable officials to share words over the incredible loyalty and dedication of our nation’s police dogs and we hope that the statue will continue to honour their service for many decades to come.

Pictured: Former West Mercia PC Mike Davey with PD Bacca, Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Tracey Onslow and Assistant Chief Constable Martin Evans, Sculptor Luke Kite, Chairman of the British Ironwork Centre Clive Knowles and Tracy Knowles.