In early 2023, Jamie Jones and Joanni McNeil set-up and created Paranormal Vault – a paranormal experience company. Both Jamie and Joanni live together in Oswestry and met whilst both doing what they love best – Paranormal Investigations. Together, they have over 6 years’ experience in researching the paranormal, throughout the whole of the UK, across a variety of locations, experiencing some of the best paranormal encounters. This became a regular occurrence whilst being part of and working for a paranormal company which has previously aired on television.

The company was created to bring the best of paranormal research to the everyday person, designed to thrill, entice and intrigue minds alike. “We have a maximum of 15 guests attending any event which allows for us to provide intimate paranormal events so that senses can be at the most optimum with minimum interference from other persons or external factors – promoting only the best investigations into the paranormal field,” explains Jamie.

Paranormal Vault was developed based on their previous experiences with other paranormal companies, and one thing they found which greatly affected the ghost hunts, was having large groups of guests in attendance. So, as a company they decided to keep guest numbers to a maximum of 15, no matter how large the location, to minimise noise pollution and keep guest experience at its optimum.

Talking about what they have planned, Joanni said, “We try to provide a paranormal experience locally within Shropshire, to provide an intimate experience for guests and to help support local businesses. However, we also plan expand nationally in the future. In 2023, we held two successful paranormal events at the Fox Inn, Oswestry and experienced very positive feedback. We also have a planned event at Llanerchydol Hall in February and Pen-Y-Llan Hall on 8 March and with additional local events planned at new and exciting locations throughout 2024.”

The equipment Jamie and Joanni regularly use are K2 Meters, Cat Balls (Motion Activated), Ouija Boards, Rem-pods, Rem-Pod Teddy Bear, S-B7 Spirit Box, Dowsing Rods, Table Tipping, EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena). They strongly encourage guests to use their own senses and they are welcome to bring their own equipment.

Refreshments are provided throughout the night and guests’ safety is always pf paramount importance. Paranormal Vault is a professional research company, and they take the ghost hunts very seriously to ensure guest experience is at its best.

Events calendar:

Llanerchydol Hall, Welshpool – Saturday 17 February

Pen-Y-Llan Hall, Ruabon, Wrexham – Friday 8 March

Merley House, Wimborne – Friday 19 April

All locations are considered so get in touch if you are interested in hosting an event with Paranormal Vault. Private Events are offered on a bespoke booking basis (no maximum number of guests) – this can include your next team building work event.

Jamie and Joanni look forward to seeing you at their next Paranormal Event.

Keep your passion alive for the Paranormal and follow Paranormal Vault on YouTube, where Jamie and Joanni travel the UK, investigating haunted locations and seeking paranormal evidence.

For more information visit, email or follow YouTube @paranormalvault, Instagram @ParanormalVault, Facebook Paranormal Vault.

Jamie Jones and Joanni McNeil.