Three members of staff at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital have been named as Health Heroes – after working above and beyond to keep the Trust’s waiting lists compliant.

Joanne Caffrey and Sian Williams, Information Analysts; and Noel Jennings, Information Business Intelligence Lead; who work in the Information Department at the Oswestry-based hospital, won the monthly award for their work in providing essential submissions, relating to waiting lists.

Their efforts were so appreciated by Claire Jones, Principal Analyst Data Quality Lead, and Ian Roberts, Head of Information at RJAH, that they nominated them for the hospital’s monthly Health Hero Award.

Claire said: “Every week there is a mandatory submission that the Trust must submit – the weekly waiting list minimum data set (MDS). This submission is relating to patients currently on the Trust’s waiting lists.

“As this is a national pressure and priority there are often changes to the return and additional ad-hoc requests that come into the department, often with just days’ notice.

Ian added: “Joanne, Sian and Noel have shown consistent dedication to this submission and go above and beyond to meet demand.

“There has been long hours and pure dedication from these three staff nominated to ensure the Trust was compliant with the ask.”

The Information Department work hard towards organisational planning, performance and outcomes.

They provide key performance-based statistics, such as information to monitor waiting times. The analysts within the teamwork with clinical data and health informatics to keep in line with mandatory submissions.

The monthly award is presented to unsung heroes from across the hospital who are nominated by their colleagues for going the extra mile.

Joanne said: “I am surprised, but happy, to receive the award. We work hard to process the data to make the Trust look in the best light it can.”

Sian added: “I am shocked we have received the award. We had a lot of extra work to complete during the pandemic, which made it difficult. But we tackled it as a team as we know it is important to keep the Trust performing at its best.”

Noel said: “Thank you for our award. I echo everything Joanne and Sian said, it really is a team effort to make our deadlines.”

The team were presented with their award, consisting of a keepsake certificate, special badge and box of chocolates donated by the League of Friends, by Stacey Keegan, the hospital’s Chief Executive.

Stacey said: “The impact on the Information Department during the height of the pandemic, from a data perspective was off the scale. The work the team does is invaluable to the Trust.

“The team are very worthy winners, and I am pleased they have been nominated and chosen as November’s Health Heroes.”

Pictured: Claire Jones, Principal Analyst and Data Quality Lead; Sian Williams, Information Analyst; Stacey Keegan, Chief Executive; Joanne Caffrey, Information Analyst; and Ian Roberts, Head of Information.