The Logistics team at Shropshire’s specialist orthopaedic hospital are keeping supplies moving safely and efficiently with support from electronic MasterMovers.

A MasterMover is an electronic tow tug machine which provides a better alternative to pushing and pulling wheeled loads by hand. They have been funded by the League of Friends at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.

The devices are helping the Logistics team – made up of Stores staff and Porters – to move around everything from patients to medical equipment, food, waste, linen and more.

The team have two SmartMover SM100+ models thanks to a £15,000 investment from the Oswestry-based hospital’s League of Friends.

Mark Evans, Logistics Manager, said: “The introduction of the MasterMovers has really made our working lives much easier – sometimes we can be pulling trolleys with loads up to 500kg, which is a lot of weight for one person to take.

“We’ve found them to be especially beneficial when taking the patients food trolleys to the wards. We would normally need two members of staff for this, but with the MasterMovers we now only need one person plus the equipment.”

The SmartMover is able to push and pull loads of up to 1,200kg and has a range of features including various speed settings and an automatic breaking system.

It also has the ability to operate on slopes and uneven ground which is especially beneficial for the Oswestry-based hospital’s corridor which is on a slope.

Mark added: “We’re extremely grateful for the support from the League of Friends – I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say thank you.”

The League of Friends support RJAH by giving financial support for equipment, amenities and research as well as recruiting volunteers to support patients.

Victoria Sugden, Charity Director at the League of Friends, said: “We are always delighted to support departments and wards across the hospital with new equipment that is going to make their day-to-day responsibilities easier.

“Staff wellbeing is extremely important and we’re thrilled the Logistics team are fully reaping the benefits of the MasterMovers.”

Pictured: Victoria Sugden, League of Friends Charity Director; Frank Riley, Deputy Logistics Manager; and Mark Evans, Logistics Manager; with a hot food trolley for patient meals and a SmartMover SM100+.