Film director Matt Bauer, the man behind a new docu-drama The Other Fellow, that’s attracting worldwide media attention will soon be visiting Oswestry’s independent cinema, Kinokulture.

There can be no denying that James Bond is one of the most iconic fictional characters ever created. Since he first appeared in Ian Fleming’s debut novel Casino Royale 70 years ago, the sharp-dressing, Martini-drinking, Aston-Martin-driving secret agent has starred in numerous books and 25 films, each drawing a huge amount of publicity.

But given the character instantly calls to mind a certain degree of glamour and exhilaration, it’s easy to forget that the name itself is actually rather ordinary – one shared by hundreds of regular people around the world. This is something that Australian writer-director Matthew Bauer was keen to explore in his new documentary feature The Other Fellow, which profiles a wide range of people from very different backgrounds – all named Bond, James Bond.

The film is framed by the real story of how Fleming first chose the name for his spy – taken from a leading ornithologist whose book the author had been reading when he sat down to write his maiden novel – but the roots of the project actually stem from an idea Bauer had while using Facebook a number of years ago.

A spokesperson for Oswestry Film Society said, “As we await the announcement of who will play the new 007, The Other Fellow looks at the highs and lows of people actually called James Bond.  From the James Bond, who’s made his life reflect that of the fictional spy, to the one in prison – and many in between – the film is both intriguing and entertaining (with a decent twist too) that should leave you shaken and stirred.”

“The Oswestry Film Society’s own James Bond is delighted to bring Matt Bauer – fresh from his launches in London and other exotic places – to a more cosier Shropshire premiere. Please support us in this coup for Oswestry.”

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The Other Fellow (15)

Thursday 8th June, 7:30PM – Kinokulture, Arthur Street, Oswestry.