A group of staff members who work on the Midlands Centre Spinal Injuries (MSCI) are the latest winners of the The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital’s monthly staff award for their actions after they saved a colleague’s life.

A staff nurse who works in the Outpatient Department on the unit fell dangerously ill and experienced a heart attack while on shift at the end of last year.

Three members of staff – Dr Snezhana Kostova, known affectionately as Dr Hana, Speciality Doctor; Kimberley Porter, Sister; and Fiona Parry, Healthcare Assistant; quickly formed an immediate response team, who identified symptoms and, from their quick actions, saved the life of their colleague.

Their professional actions of the staff have been praised by Stacey Keegan, Chief Executive, and Kate Betts, Therapy Associate Practitioner, both nominating the group for the RJAH Stars Award.

The RJAH Stars Award is presented to staff across the Oswestry-based hospital who are nominated by their colleagues.

Kate said: “On that day, the nurse came to work not feeling 100% well and as the shift continued, she took herself off to an outpatient room. Fiona checked on her, then asked Kim to support as she had concerns. Dr Hana listened to symptoms and took observations, as well as an ECG, which shown things were going to get much more serious.

“The staff nurse underwent surgery and treatment at another hospital, and then returned home a few days later – all thanks to Dr Hana, Kim and Fiona’s quick actions, team working and professionalism, who made a positive outcome to a life-threatening event.”

Stacey presented the group with their award – consisting of a keepsake certificate, box of chocolates and gift voucher kindly donated by the League of Friends.

She said: “All staff involved in this incident should feel incredibly proud of themselves and their actions – I know I’m extremely proud of them.

“The feedback I received highlighted how amazing the team’s response was, including those helping and caring for their ill colleague but also those who carried on ensuring our patients were cared for, during a time of stress and uncertainty.”

Dr Hana said: “I was called to check in on a colleague who was experiencing excruciating chest pain. It was a challenging situation with lots of pressure, but the team and I worked together to quickly identify the cause of the symptoms and get her the appropriate treatment.

“The event touched me deeply – I am pleased the outcome was a positive one and she is alive and well.”

Other members of the team who displayed outstanding professionalism and carried on ensuring patients were cared for included Kirsty Ditcher, Jess Sheil, Julie Ferguson, Katy Coulson, Steven Golding, Craig Lammas, Leah Beech, Hannah Richards, Donna St John, and Schula Adams.