As pupils across the country receive their examination results, Moreton Hall is launching an innovative new programme of study from September entitled, ‘Bridging the Gap’. The programme supports local teenagers moving into Year 11 from September who seek to receive the very best teaching and support ahead of their GCSE examinations in summer 2021 and Sixth Form studies beyond that.

Moreton Hall demonstrates academic ambition with pupils year on year achieving stunning success in examinations with 100% pass rates, and some of the best results and progress in the region. Moreton has a strong reputation of excellence across all STEM subjects as well as the Arts, in addition to being placed within the top 35 schools nationally in sport. Through its dedicated subject specialists Moreton Hall is committed to develop and encourage all of its pupils to reach their full potential.

The programme has been developed in light of COVID and developing interest expressed from parents. ‘Bridging the Gap’ is an extension of the very successful Sixth Form initiative at the end of the summer term which was devised to guide, support and enrich students during their most important academic years.

Principal of Moreton Hall Mr George Budd commented, “In light of the challenging educational circumstances so many young people find themselves in as the result of COVID and in line with our values and strategic vision, offering places to support pupils with their final year GCSE studies and on to A Level was a natural thing for us to do. We are making fee assistance and scholarships available to support entry for these pupils and look forward to welcoming our first cohort to the school”.

Moreton Hall is extending its application deadline and offers flexible entry points, extensive transport routes and fee assistance. For further details please visit