Pupils at Moreton Hall have every reason to celebrate today as they continue the tradition of achieving outstanding GCSE results. Despite a narrative of grades being lowered to averages in 2019 in the return to pre-covid marking structures, our girls have outperformed national expectations yet again, achieving higher grades by every metric including 20% of all grades being 9s (higher than the former A* grade), and grades in the 9-8 range being nearly 40% of all entries.

We are proud to be an academically inclusive environment, and thus to cultivate these results not through selecting those pupils who would achieve top grades in almost any institution, but through careful guidance, excellent tuition, and strong relationships between school and home.

These results open a multitude of pathways for our pupils, with the majority choosing to study A Levels here at Moreton Hall with the additional benefit of our Next Steps Careers team offering bespoke support so that each student finds the right course for their individual interests and strengths beyond school.

Remarking on today’s success, Moreton Hall Principal Michael Brewer said:

“Whether taken within the national context or seen through the eyes of the individuals to whom this success belongs, these are wonderful results of which the entire school can be proud. Determined pupils and dedicated teachers have worked in partnership with parents to ensure these achievements. GCSEs are a vital platform for future success in school and far beyond; thanks to strong foundations, Moreton Hall girls are once again looking to the future with a wide array of opportunities ahead of them.”

Pictured: Amelia Jones, Romily Pickering, Alice Record, Eliza Pickering, Grace Fell.