Assistant Principal of Moreton Hall, Alison McDonald is in a spin as she eagerly awaits to meet her dance icon Shirley Ballas who will be visiting The Holroyd Community Theatre at Moreton Hall next month, to gain some advice ahead of her performance at Oswestry Strictly Coming Dancing.

Alison, who has been named as one of this year’s contestants in the local dance event to raise money for Hope House Children’s Hospice, is no stranger to competition. Having been a competitive national tennis player who has aced the tennis court she now has her sights firmly set on the glitter ball and hopes to master the dance floor.

Alison, who is eager to commence training with her professional dance partner Francis Cart, European champion in Ballroom said, “Everywhere I go at the moment across the school grounds I have students and staff singing the Strictly theme tune. The support from my friends, colleagues and students is wonderful. I feel very fortunate, not only am I having the opportunity to fulfil one of my lifetime ambitions of learning to dance, I am thrilled to be able to support such a fantastic charity, Hope House. The charity has touched my heart in the amount of work they do and however much I can raise to support them will be all worthwhile “

“I am equally looking forward to gaining some advice from non other than the nationals Strictly Dance Judge Shirley Ballas.”

Shirley Ballas will be visiting the school’s Holroyd Community Theatre next month as part of her book launch tour with Booka BookShop.

Oswestry’s Strictly will be held at the Lion Quays Hotel on Friday 24th November

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