On Thursday 19th October, the inaugural meeting of the Music MOB Orchestra took place at The Marches School. All children who have been learning an orchestral instrument with the charity for at least one year were invited to take part and there were about 45 children present.

There was a well-balanced complement of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion from children representing 4 primary schools – Bryn Offa, Holy Trinity, Weston Rhyn and The Meadows, as well as the first cohort of pupils who have moved up to The Marches.

The orchestra played 2 pieces (Black Pearl and My Grandfather’s Clock) specially arranged for them by Sue Turner, Music MOB Education Lead, which they had been practising in their lessons with their teachers.

The young musicians were very excited about the morning as it represented the first time they had played in a large group.  Afterwards they said how much they’d enjoyed it. Three of the head teachers came to support them on the day and were very complimentary about how well they played. Not only did they play well, but they learned so much about ensemble playing as not only did they have to play their own parts well, but also, they had to listen to each other, keep in time and watch the conductor.

Music MOB would like to thank all its talented peripatetic teachers for their support in preparing the children, and also Miss King, Head of Music at The Marches, for hosting the event.

Music MOB students are taught in small groups but the charity is very keen to offer the musicians the opportunity of making music in larger groups in order to enjoy the benefits that offers.  As well as the hope the children will have fun, playing with others fosters a sense of community, promotes teamwork and collaboration, increases confidence and improves skill development through learning from each other.

In terms of audience, interest in going to watch orchestral concerts is growing amongst the general population.  A new study by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra found that out of 2,000 people surveyed, 84% said they were interested in experiencing an orchestral concerts.  Music MOB hopes the service they are providing to young children in Oswestry and the surrounding area might eventually bear fruit in the nation’s musical groups.

Music MOB is a local charity whose services are entirely free to the children, their parents and schools.  Information about the charity’s activities and events are published in a regular newsletter, which is available by signing up to the mailing list at www.musicmob.co.uk.