Award winning architectural designer Craig Marston of Shropshire-based Ke-design looks to the year ahead after marking yet another record-breaking year.

Mr Marston, Ke-design founder said 2019 saw more jobs for his team than in any year in the 8-year history of the firm and sees 2020 maintaining the growth.

“2020 has already been a busy start to the year with inquiries from the homeowners as well as developers.

“For 2020 we expect to see more and more people wanting exciting designs, whether its new build or remodelling their existing home.

“People are exposed to good design with the many house design TV programmes therefore the homeowner wants to live in a well planned house that suits their needs, as well as considering the external appearance or kerb appeal.”

Due to cost and lack of building plots not everyone is in a fortunate position to self-build and the feedback we get from inquires is that there is little choice, with the majority of volume house builders not investing in good design.

Mr Marston said a recent survey he carried out at a design exhibition proved people wanted modern and contemporary homes. The results showed 98% of people would rather buy the modern/contemporary design of a home than the design of a property that is offered by many national developers.

“We hope in 2020 that the developers will invest in good design and look into what the homebuyer’s wants.

“Along with design, 2020 will see an increase in clients thinking about the impact the construction of their project will have on climate change.

“The build technologies to minimise the construction project’s impact on the environment are there as well as being more energy efficient. As designers we promote alternative construction methods, but due to cost clients haven’t been able to embrace it. With people more conscious of their contribution to environmental change, their impact will be nearer the top of their agenda.”

Ke-design are exhibiting at Manchester’s Built It Live (22nd/23rd February) and the National Home Building & Renovating Show (Birmingham 26-29th March). For complimentary ticket information please email