In the wake of the growing crisis around the Covid-19 crisis and the need for the community to organise themselves as suggested by Boris Johnson to help “shield” certain members of our community and to help those in self isolation – the Oswestry Angels are being formed as a charitable group.

With the assistance of Town Clerk Arren Roberts, residents Shelly Glover, Mike Lade and Ed Marriot have come together to use their IT, Project Management and many other skills to pull together the “Oswestry Angels” as a community support group.

Information can be on There is a page where local healthy residents can on-line as volunteers and a page where residents can ask for help. This page is still be worked on. We anticipate that the biggest call for help will be for food deliveries. We are working hard with the local supermarkets to see how this can work but it is proving very difficult at the moment ….. but watch this space.

As restrictions take grip and as the virus takes hold then this may become an essential service to our community or until the Government has put anything else in place. or oswestryangels@gmail .com

Pictured: Neil Sanderson at TPX in Beatrice Street printing up 100 Oswestry Angel Hi-Viz vests