Have you been playing badminton socially but want to join a team? Did you play in a league or are you an ex-county player with rackets gathering dust in the back of the wardrobe?

Oswestry Badminton Club are looking for new members from improvers to advanced, to join them on a Monday night at Oswestry Leisure Centre, 8-10pm.

The club has access to 4 courts so there is little time for standing around, before you know it you’ll be back on court playing! Abilities are mixed, with the experienced and league players encouraging those who are a little rusty or looking to advance.

Craig Marston, Men’s A Team captain, has been a member at the badminton club for 30 years. “Badminton is a great sport that a lot of people have tried over the years. At Oswestry Badminton Club, we have an array of abilities and ages. We are looking for new faces to come and join the club.

“While we have a strong number of members who have been with the club for 10, 20 and 30 years, we have recently lost some good members who have relocated out of Shropshire, so we are looking to replenish the numbers.

“We play doubles through the night and use a peg board system for who plays with who, this can mix up ability or be an opportunity for someone to pick their opponents for a real competitive match.”

Oswestry Badminton Club has teams that play in the county league, so if you play regularly with friends and want a bit more competition, the team players will raise your game and fitness. The club provides feathered shuttles, making for speedier matches and more accurate shots.

Visitors are always welcome they just need to bring a racket. Craig added, “We regularly have visitors who are staying in Oswestry for work. Recently we had a young lad from Derby who was at the Orthopaedic. It was a shame he was only on placement as he was really good.”

“We are always looking for good players to come and join our friendly club,” added Mr Marston. “Badminton is more than a social sport, it’s the fastest racquet sport, played at a competitive level it’s fantastic to watch, quick and really good exercise.”

For more information about coming down as a visitor or joining the club please email oswestrybadders@gmail.com or call 07866 679436.