Welcome to Trinity Clinic, your destination for chiropractic care in Gobowen. Just a stone’s throw from Oswestry and close to the Welsh border, set amidst the serene Shropshire hills.

At Trinity Clinic, our registered chiropractic professionals specialise in:

Back Pain & Sciatica • Neck Pain • Headaches •Sports Injuries • Pre- & Post-Event Massage

When pain disrupts your daily life, you deserve more than a temporary fix. Our Shropshire chiropractors and massage therapists don’t just offer short-term relief. Instead, we dive deep into the root of your discomfort, offering tailored treatments that not only alleviate your pain but treatments that aim for sustainable recovery.

With us, every patient is unique. Lean on our seasoned expertise, governed by the high standards of the General Chiropractic Council and The Federation of Holistic Therapists, to guide you on a transformative journey to wellness because living pain-free isn’t a luxury, it’s your right.

 Why We’re Different

At our friendly and professional clinic, you’re more than just another appointment. Our quiet, professional Shropshire clinic ensures that each patient receives an individualised, holistic approach. Our team’s mission is to pinpoint the core of your pain, developing personalised treatment strategies to uplift your overall health.  We also have free parking for the duration of your appointment.

Join us on a journey to optimal health, where every step is made just for you.

Meet Ian, Massage Therapist

 I’m Ian, Massage Therapist at Trinity Clinic. I’m qualified in general (Swedish) massage, as well as sports massage, which uses more advanced techniques to assess and treat specific problems or injuries. I’m also qualified to deliver Electrotherapy (TENS for pain, and EMS for muscle stimulation), and Ultrasound (to help with recovery from injury).

I’m able to use Osteopathic articulation for Sport and Spine, which involves moving joints gently but firmly within their normal range to improve movement. I particularly enjoy treating lower body problems involving glutes, legs, knees and feet, probably due to a lifetime of running, climbing and skiing! I also work a lot with postural shoulder problems caused by the ergonomic strain of modern day to day life. We find that Massage Therapy complements the Chiropractic treatments offered in the clinic perfectly, and many patients find it beneficial to alternate therapies to keep on top of aches and pains.

To find out more visit www.trinity-clinic.com, call 07802 603752 or email info@trinity-clinic.com