Allowing for this very odd year we have all had to live though, the Oswestry in Bloom team has managed to do a little to lift the spirits of our fellow residents during the summer.

Chairman Betty Gull said: “My thanks must first go to everyone who helped with the Church Street wall display.  At a time when so few people were about, I was amazed at the number who called to us to say how lovely it was to see the flowers and thanks for what we were doing.  Flowers of course cannot just be put in containers and left, the ‘lads’ of the Town Council do a wonderful job keeping  their displays watered.  A great big thank you to them for everything they do and of course our members who deadhead to keep the plants blooming.

Another very big thanks to all of you who produced the lists for the first round of our beautiful garden competition, as no one could put their own garden forward, everyone who was nominated will receive a certificate.

While I did the shortlist and because Miss Thrower couldn’t be with us in person this year two other people kindly drove round with me to choose the final Eleven.  We did best large, medium and small in the annual, perennial and shrub garden categories.  We also had a best bijou and Miss Throwers Award for best hanging baskets.”

Miss Thrower said: “I have missed coming and seeing in person all the beautiful and imaginative gardens in Oswestry and am delighted that the Oswestry in Bloom team have run The Front Garden Competition to keep the enthusiasm going and award the pride and hard work of all the home owners.”

Ms Gull added: “Except for some planters the only other work we could do was in Central Car Park which also gained a lot of thanks, while the poppies in particular had a lot of fans.  Seasons however move on, the shrub boxes have had their late summer haircut and all the other shrub areas in the Car Park await their turn, when the weather permits, before our last job of autumn, winter planting.”