RECENTLY, members of the Rotary Club of Oswestry carried out a Street Collection in aid of local charities. ‘Friends of Parkies’, ‘Oswestry Young Carers’, ‘Mind’ and other Rotary good causes will benefit from the £496.50 donated by the people of Oswestry outside shops in town.

The result was similar when the Club received permission to carry out a bucket collection at TNS’ Champions League qualifier against Gibraltar side Europa FC at Park Hall. The Tree of Light Appeal 2017 kicked off with a tremendous amount of £490 which will be distributed to local charities after the close of the Christmas appeal. Last year, over £6,000 was raised between a dozen local charities.

The Rotary Club of Oswestry thank the people of Oswestry for their continued generous support for these collections which help them to make significant contributions to local charities and good causes -especially important at a time when many of them struggle to receive grants and donations because of the general economic climate.

Pictured: (L-R) Rotarians Sue Leonard and Mark Liquorish collect on Oswestry’s streets for good causes

Tree of Light organiser Mike Jones marshals the parking at Park Hall

Rotarians Collect for Good Causes