“IT is always a pleasure when we visit Hope House to present donations.” said Tree of Light Organiser Mike Jones recently when a group from Oswestry Rotary Club visited Oswestry’s much-loved childrens hospice with a cheque from their 2017 Tree of Light Appeal. “People think that a hospice is somewhere you come to die but I can honestly say the Hope House is not a place of sadness but a place of happiness and comfort.”

Receiving the cheque was long term Hope House visitor Kiera Thomas. Born with a condition that means that she will need 24/7 care throughout her life and will never develop beyond an 18-month-old, Kiera enjoys meeting guests at Hope House and laughed and smiled throughout the Rotarians’ visit.

Appropriately, the donation will go to Hope House’s current appeal “Arthur’s Story” named for 2 year old Arthur Mullis who died suddenly three years ago when Hope House’s team of specialists were able to provide support for Arthur’s parents and siblings. Three years on, Hope House continues to be there for the whole family and will be for as long as they are needed.

“Very sadly we are currently only able to support 1 family in 3 who have suffered the death of a child. Demand for this service is increasing but the monies we raise are not.” says Lynsey Kilvert Hope House’s Area Fundraiser for Shropshire and Powys. “Kiera and Arthur’s families know how important it is that we are here for local children and their families; thankfully with the help of our supporters such as the Tree of Light they will not have to face life on their own.”

Pictured:  (L-R) Tree of Light Appeal Organiser Mike Jones, Denzil Ellis, President Elect Ian Glenister and Lynsey Kilvert of Hope House with Kiera Thomas