Volunteers who have been working hard all year to restore the Montgomery canal took a night off to enjoy a get together at the Dolphin Inn in Llanymynech and were treated to a drop of Navigation Pale Ale.

David Carter, chairman of SUCS said, “It’s been a great year on the canal as back in June we saw the opening of the recently restored section to Crickheath, unlocking nearly two miles of canal – a major milestone in closing the Shropshire Gap”.

The “Shropshire Gap” is the colloquial term for the unrestored section of the Montgomery Canal between Crickheath and Llanymynech which is currently being worked on by volunteers.

David continued, “There’s also been the construction of Schoolhouse Bridge, and we’ve been awarded several grants which have been much publicised and there may be more to come. But tonight, we’re here enjoying a pint of Navigation Pale Ale, another good news story. Monty’s brewery, based near Montgomery, were so impressed with the work going on, that they specially brewed Navigation IPA as a tribute and to help the project with a percentage of every pint consumed goes into the kitty. Here’s to closing the Shropshire Gap and a happy Christmas to everyone!”

If you feel it’s something you’d like to get involved with – there are many disciplines required – then contact www.shropshireunion.org.uk.


Tom Fulda (Restoration project manager) Jenny Steer (Dolphin staff) & David Carter (Society Chairman).