A West Felton man made an amazing transformation this year across only a few short months, after joining an Oswestry based Slimming World group.

Malcolm Lord, decided to take the courageous step of joining and attending a slimming group to make the move towards changing his life. “I saw this photo of me and decided that enough was enough and took myself off to Slimming World in the March. The next photo is July and I’m two stone lighter!” We can all agree, that is a great achievement and shows his sheer determination to change his lifestyle.

When asked what the main benefits have been to his weight loss, he said, “The benefits are not just weight loss but looking and feeling better and I have been able to come off certain medication.

“Following the Slimming World plan is so easy. It’s not a diet, just a healthier way of eating and drinking.  Nearly two years later I have not put the weight back on.  So, come on chaps, let’s have a Beer Belly Amnesty and get healthy!  If I can do it anyone can!”

Malcolm still attends the group months later as it helps keep him on track and stay up to date with new ideas and recipes. The emphasis at the group is on creating a healthier lifestyle, to move away from the idea of a diet, which more often than not, cannot be sustained. Malcolm continues to enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere and there’s never any pressure at the group.

If you are interested in joining a local Slimming World group or are thinking of making some changes, you can find further information and your local group at slimmingworld.co.uk