With cleanliness more important than ever, one staff member stepped up to the challenge of ensuring extra cleanliness measures and standards were met at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital.

Lisa Soden, who joined the Housekeeping team in November 2019 as Housekeeping Manager, is celebrating after being shortlisted for the Individual Excellence Award by the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals.

Sian Langford, Facilities Compliance Manager, nominated Lisa in the category, praising her for leading from the front and unmatched work ethic to support the Housekeeping team.

Sian said: “Lisa’s honest, hardworking and down to earth attitude meant that she was able to steer her team through what was a very stormy period. When staff were anxious, she took the time to listen and alleviate their concerns.

“Senior managers appreciate her drive, colleagues relish in her laughter and her staff respect her dedication. She’s not been afraid to challenge historical practices – refusing to accept the “we’ve always done it that way” response.”

Phil Davies, Head of Estates and Facilities at RJAH, added: “It is her style of leadership, that brings along others with her to go the extra mile, which I know will have played a part in the Trust receiving the best hospital cleaning feedback in the country, via the national CQC inpatient survey.

“We are all here to achieve the best possible outcome for our patients, so we rightly take pride in Lisa and the service she delivers.”

The Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals Awards encourage and acknowledge the professional excellence of its members, by celebrating those who have made a difference within their organisation and deliver outstanding services.

Lisa said “It was a total surprise when I found out Sian had nominated me and to then be shortlisted. Thank you, Sian and Phil, for your kind words.

“During the COVID pandemic it was more important than ever to demonstrate exceptional cleanliness standards and ensuring our patients feel safe when visiting the hospital.

“I would also like to thank my amazing team in Housekeeping, who have all shown dedication and commitment to our patients and colleagues.”

Pictured: Lisa Soden, Housekeeping Manager, who has been shortlisted for the Individual Excellence Award by the Association of Healthcare Cleaning Professionals.