Oswestry Borderland Tourism are celebrating the launch of their 31st printed brochure with a members social evening at Stonehouse Brewery and The Henstone Distillery on 21st January.

Lee Lucks, Chairman of the tourism group said that Oswestry is now one of the few areas producing a print brochure and they are the only tourism group in Shropshire that has increased their print run every year for the last 5 years without increasing advertising or membership fees. In 2018 30,000 were produced and those had run out by early October. This year there are 35,000 – 19,000 to be distributed throughout the country and 16,000 for visitors in town and the surrounding area.

One of the highlights of the new brochure is a new 3D map of the town centre, Lee went on to say. “We have had a new map designed this year which is focused on the town centre. We have highlighted different parts of the town by showing where the old town gates were so that visitors can get a feel for the different parts of town as they wander round with the brochure.”

The brochure is not the only way that Oswestry is promoted to visitors. Karen Pringle, Tourism Officer at the Town TIC says: “We use our base in Oswestry Visitor and Exhibition Centre to develop a coordinated approach to marketing Oswestry to visitors. Social media is a growing influence and we use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to encourage visitors to visit the Oswestry Tourism web site www.oswestry-welshborders.org.uk. We now also have a newsletter that goes to over 300 prospective visitors which includes all the main events, special offers and competitions to encourage them to actually visit,” Karen said. She did also say that she and the centre staff do look on themselves as ambassadors for the town and they feel that with over 75 years experience of talking to visitors between them, there is no better way to find out about Oswestry and the Borderlands than to call in and have a chat with them. “We’re not just open for new visitors to town either, it’s surprising how many local people don’t know where the TIC is,” Karen said and then added “Come on Oswestry people – be a local tourist, you will be surprised just how much there is to see and do on your doorstep!”

The brochure is available locally from the Town Information centre and will be distributed country wide throughout 2019. It can also be downloaded directly from the Oswestry and Welsh Borders web site: www.oswestry-welshborders.org.uk