A flat used to support patient rehabilitation at Shropshire’s specialist hospital has officially been unveiled – as part of celebrations for Occupational Therapy Week – following a major renovation.

The Occupational Therapy flat at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital has long been used by patients to carry out day-to-day activities and help regain their skills and confidence, but had started to look old and dated.

It has now been transformed thanks to a £20,000 investment from the Estates budget and the RJAH Charity. The project was managed by the Estates team at the Oswestry-based hospital.

Mike Bowen, Capital Manager, said: “It’s been a while since the flat was last updated and a major refurb was really overdue.

“Our aim was provide a safe and accessible environment and it’s now been completely upgraded, modernised and enhanced to be brought into the 21st Century.

“The flat has had a new kitchen and wet-room installed as well as fresh paint and updated flooring throughout.”

Richard Lumby, father of Occupational Therapist Liz Webb, and his friends also volunteered to give the flat fresh paint throughout.

The cottage is used by patients who are seen by the team of Occupational Therapists, and a special launch was held to officially open the flat with members of the Occupational Therapy and Estates teams.

Alison Mannion, Occupational Therapist and Spinal Injuries Therapy Team Leader, said: “We have four different teams within Occupational Therapy – general medicine and care of the elderly; trauma and orthopaedics; spinal injuries; and hand therapy – all of which use the flat with their patients.

“It’s a really valuable resource to us and we use it to carry out a range of daily living activities with patients including kitchen assessments; transfer practice which involves teaching patients how to get up from a chair, bed and more; and wheelchair skills in the home environment increase their independence.

“Patients are also able to stay in the flat over the weekend where they can practice their skills learnt and build on their confidence before they return home. They can also have their family join in over weekends in the flat.

“I’d like to thank the team in Estates for their support with partly funding and managing the project, the RJAH Charity for their contribution as well as Richard Lumby and his volunteers for their help. Patients are already commenting on how much of a difference the renovations have made.”

Pictured: Members of the Occupational Therapy team with Mike Bowen, Capital Manager, in the newly-refurbished kitchen of the OT flat.