As part of their pledge to provide support for children, Aico recently attended the Marches School Climate Solutions Fair.

Held in the school’s large sports hall, the fair coincided with the COP26 conference in Glasgow and aimed to bring together organisations to help educate and inform students on sustainable solutions.

Aico colleagues Ryan Evans, Operations Co-Ordinator, and Lily Ellis, Community Liaison, spoke to 1,600 students, from Year 7 to Year 13, about the importance of becoming carbon neutral by 2030 and what measures Aico are implementing to achieve this target. Students had the opportunity to learn more about Aico’s sustainability initiative, including their environmentally sympathetic headquarters and their use of hybrid vehicles within their company fleet. Lily spoke of the fully electric car that the company uses for their Corporate Social Responsibility programme, Aico in the Community, and the benefits of electric over fuel.

Ryan explained how Aico have made changes to their business operations to reduce their environmental impact, such as replacing their plastic packaging tape with a paper alternative, digitizing the instruction leaflet in their products to reduce the amount of paper used and the launch of their ‘eco-fit range’ of alarms, providing a 100% reduction in plastic and 58% reduction in cardboard and paper. Students also tried their hand at using a rowing machine from Aico’s gym to demonstrate that without change, sea levels will continue to rise and they will have to learn how to row!

Ryan Evans was delighted with how engaged the students were, commenting “It was great to attend the Marches School Climate Solutions Fair last week. The students were really inquisitive and seemed very keen to learn more about sustainable practices and how they can make a difference. I feel very proud to be able to use my knowledge to help the next generation learn about sustainable practices, and preserving their communities and the environment.”

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Pictured: Lily Ellis, Community Liaison, and Ryan Evans, Operations Co-Ordinator, at the Marches School Climate Solutions Fair