An Oswestry woman will be running the London marathon this Sunday, along with a group of about 20 others to raise money for the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital.

Paige Lloyd said: “To help with my fundraising, Jenny Roberts (my fiance’s mum) has created a piece of artwork representing Church Street in Oswestry.  The artwork features a number of local businesses including Textile Express, Park Gate Florist, Gillhams and  Booka.  Jenny has kindly offered to auction it off to raise money towards my marathon fund for the RJAH. It’s currently up for auction at Oswestry Framing, and has raised over £200 so far”.

“There are some other amazing pieces of artwork on display, all at Oswestry framing, and 10% of the profits raised from these will also be going towards the Orthopaedic charity.

There is still time to sponsor Paige by following the link below: