Not content with writing and publishing just one book this year, sport-mad father-of-two Richard Carpenter is going for the ‘double’.

The 41-year-old from Tetchill in Ellesmere, released his debut book ‘Sportonova – The Games Begin’ on Amazon in June and already it has become a firm favourite with many children and parents alike.

The story is set in outer space in a galaxy full of sports-ball shaped planets and Sportonova is the planet which shines the brightest.

The plot follows the adventures of its inhabitants who gather in the fictional village of Clapuwood to create the ultimate sports tournament.

Inspired to write by his two sons Joshua (6) and Thomas (9), Richard recently brought the fictional games to life when he created his very own Sportonova tournament at St Mary’s Primary School summer fair in Overton.

The event was held to officially launch the book and involved Richard showcasing several of the fun and unusual sports which feature in the book.

Children and parents got to try out several of the new activities including a game called Prontoball – a brand new exciting fast flowing sport between two teams which involves scoring points by getting a small ball into an unusual goal made up of a rugby H frame inside two goalposts.

Richard said: “It was such a fantastic day and so many children and parents enjoyed trying out the new games.

“It was very exciting to bring the games and book to life especially Prontoball. This is our favourite and I play regularly with Joshua and Thomas in the garden. It was fabulous to see other people having so much playing it too.”

By showcasing some of the new sports it’s hoped others will be inspired to play the games more regularly and eventually Richard hopes to create a sports league in Shropshire involving the games featured in the book.

He said: “Not everyone is into football, cricket or rugby so these games offer something a little bit different. It would be great to have a Sportonova league for all ages to encourage children and their parents to lead more active lives.

Published with the support of Team Author UK, ‘Sportonova – Let the Games Begin’, is just the beginning of Richard’s journey as a new children’s author.

In fact, the busy dad, who works in IT by day, is already busy working on a sequel to Sportonova and is planning for its release later this year.

He said: “I’m just on a roll. At the moment when I sit down to write, the words just flow so I’m getting on with it before I lose momentum.

“I’ve always enjoyed writing but never really thought it would be possible to publish my own book let alone two in the same year.

“I still have some way to go but I’m confident it will be ready for publication by December.”

Richard’s second book ‘Sportonova – Winter Games’ will be set in Clapuwood and the nearby mountain village of Skilake.

This time the teams compete in a winter tournament playing games such as ice hockey. Prontoball also makes a return to the plot and Richard says there will be some more brand new games for readers to look forward to including a game suggested by Thomas which mixes moguls and dodgeball.

For more information on Richard’s latest books and projects, visit the website or email

Pictured: Author Richard Carpenter from Ellesmere, with sons Joshua (left) and Thomas (right)