Town Councillors Duncan Kerr and Mike Isherwood have released the results of the 5,000 “60 second” survey forms delivered to households in Oswestry last year, and the Oswestry manifesto that has been prepared by the North Shropshire Green Party in response.

Cllr Mike Isherwood explains “As Town Councillors who will also be standing for election to Shropshire Unitary Council in May, we thought it important to elicit the views of residents rather than to make any assumptions. Ideally, we would do this going door to door but, as that wasn’t possible, late last year we distributed 5,000 survey forms with some special green post boxes for returns. We had an excellent response with the top 5 concerns, each chosen by over two-thirds of respondents, being:

  • Tackling crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • Supporting vulnerable people during Covid.
  • Creating jobs and supporting small businesses.
  • Reducing litter and improving the environment.
  • Streets that are safer for walking and cycling.

The survey also recorded satisfaction with local Councils which showed Oswestry Town Council with a positive rating of +24% and Shropshire Unitary Council on a negative rating of -21%”.

As Co-ordinator of the local Green Party Cllr Duncan Kerr explained that over the past year the party has grown massively and is looking to stand candidates in all 18 Town Council seats in Oswestry along with the 5 Shropshire Unitary Council seats for Oswestry and St Oswald’s. Full details of these candidates will be published shortly.

We thank all residents who took the time to share their views with us. Having carefully considered the results of this survey the local party has approved a manifesto for Oswestry which has been endorsed by all Green Party candidates. We welcome any comments and questions on these objectives and look forward to hearing and discussing the proposals of other partiers and people standing for election in May”.

Pictured:  Cllr Mike Isherwood and Cllr Duncan Kerr.