Moreton Hall is celebrating this week with the publication of their latest school report. The ISI (the Independent Schools equivalent of OFSTED) has awarded the Shropshire girls school top grades and judged it to be “excellent”, the highest grade available.

For the outgoing principal, Jonathan Forster, who retires this summer after 27 years at the helm, this is a ringing endorsement of his time at Moreton Hall.

The inspectors were particularly impressed with the academic, pastoral, and extra-curricular provision; students’ personal development, and with the school’s rigorous compliance with current legislation.

The report highlighted the quality of the teaching with the “high level of subject knowledge and expert lesson planning [which] all contributed effectively to the learning.”

Pupils were seen as “confident and resilient with excellent decision-making skills. [They] have a strong moral compass … and a clear awareness of right and wrong which goes beyond their years”.  In addition, they were described as “excellent communicators”.

For Jonathan Forster this report is fantastic recognition of what he insists is a team effort and cements Moreton Hall’s position as one of the UK’s top Independent Girls Boarding Schools.

“This report is a ringing endorsement of the outstanding relationships between staff, students and parents: truly a team effort to pilot Moreton Hall to this position.

“My successor, George Budd, is taking over a wonderful school which never rests on its laurels.”

The full report is available on the Moreton Hall website: