The Claypit is Oswestry’s new space for people to come and create with clay. It is a relaxed and friendly studio, designed just for clay, on the ground floor of the Cambrian Buildings, Coney Green.

The Claypit offers adult tasters, classes and courses to suit all abilities from the complete beginner to people with existing clay skills. All classes and courses can be booked on their website.  Coming soon is an exciting membership scheme available to people who can work independently with clay.

Rachel Swift, founder and lead tutor at The Claypit said, “Members will use Claypit facilities alongside each other sharing skills and creative ideas in a supportive environment.  Groups, including family and friends, are able to arrange a unique Claypit experience with gift vouchers available. Classes have a maximum of 8 people so everyone can feel the benefit of individual guidance from Rachel, their experienced Claypit tutor. Feel the benefits of working with clay, get absorbed in the process, discover your creativity and leave feeling inspired.”

Rachel is a local ceramic artist and has been working with clay and ceramics for over 30 years.  For a long time, she worked at the British Museum specialising in conserving and restoring ancient and modern ceramics from all over the world. She has exhibited her own ceramic work across the UK, worked behind the scenes on incredible exhibitions and spent many summers on archaeological excavations that would make even Indiana Jones jealous!  With a passion for clay that has been described as infections, Rachel has the ability to guide and encourage anyone who wants to discover or learn more about clay.

Rachel added, “At the Claypit people share the joy, successes and mishaps of making with clay in a welcoming, supportive environment.  Working with clay has so many benefits. It can encourage mindfulness, quiet and calm. It can be thrilling and joyful. There are no boundaries in terms of who can work with clay. Clay is for everyone.

“Learning at the Claypit will give everyone who takes part the foundation skills needed to make with clay; from useful mugs and bowls, amusing or thought-provoking sculpture to beautiful fine works of art.  Clay creations can be made on a potter’s wheels or by hand as people have been doing for thousands of years.

“The work made at the Claypit is fired to over 1000°C in the on-site studio kiln. Once fired in the kiln the clay turns into ceramic which is hard and strong. As part of The Claypit’s commitment to working in environmentally conscious ways people will be encouraged to keep and fire only what they truly love; fired clay will remain on the Earth for more than 20,000 years! The amazing thing about clay before it is fired, is that it can be recycled! All creations made at the Claypit that don’t get fired will be made soft again and the clay reused by someone else.

“Come along, help us build our new clay-loving community, The Claypit Collective, and discover the wonderful world of clay for yourself.”

For more information visit the website or contact Rachel