This coming Saturday, 27th August, is marked by the latest annual chairman’s ball for Shropshire’s young farmers.

An event that always sees thousands of Young Farmers enjoy an evening based upon comradery and celebrating everything connected with British farming. These annual events, always raise huge sums for their chosen charities, which this year are Shropshire Rural Support and Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

This year’s event is being organised by chairperson Rachel Cooper. Rachel and her events committee have chosen to theme the event based on India, an exotic and colourful and spicy spectacle.

Assisting young people who have a love for agriculture and rural life, Shropshire Young Farmers is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK with over 20,000 members.

Rachel contacted the British Ironworks in order to appeal for help, with a view to borrowing something extraordinary and glamourous to offer a backdrop to the event.

Rachel travelled to the Ironworks with high hopes, possibly imagining a large elephant or maybe an enormous peacock, but was instantly hypnotized by an enormous bronze Indian tiger which is now on its way to the event site and will be the events VIP celebratory for the evening – hopefully inspiring thousands of selfies.

Additionally, and most controversially, Rachel also secured a visit from the Ironworks most recent and most ambitious work of art, being their “NO War No Nuclear Weapons” educational monument.

It pulls no punches, depicting an enormous military rocket, with the life size dictator Kim Jung Un, sat astride it. The monument is travelling the UK in support of democracy and freedom for all nations and peoples of the world.

Rachel said, “this monument resonates with farmers globally, as War has a tremendously negative impact on the worlds ability to feed itself, this most vividly being seen first hand in Ukraine presently.“

Clive Knowles said, “its an absolute pleasure to see SYF do so much good in the community and have such an amazing impact on charities – they are all an immense credit to the County and beyond.”

Pictured: Rachel Cooper, Chairperson of Shropshire Young Farmers.